Training and Support

The Drone Works can provide both basic flight training and payload operations training. Personnel at the drone works have been in the UAS industry before it was an industry, and have extensive backgrounds in all platforms. Fixed Wing, Rotary Wing, Powered, Un-Powered, Autonomous, Line-of-site Remote Control, Headset Virtual Reality Interfacing, Lighter-Than-Air tethered and untethered name it. If we haven't done am sure we can figure it out ;)

We offer friendly tips and "how-to"s from basic setup, fundamentals of flight, and even help direct you to all the necessary legalities and pesky red tape required to operate (and in some cases, sadly, be denied the right to operate) your system as safely and FAA compliant as possible.

Though we may sound a bit flippant, it is only because these technologies have been around for a looong time, and so have we! We simply want you to feel as comfortable as us with bringing this technology to the forefront and demystifying the SCARY drone, that most of us have been calling RC awesomeness for decades!

More specifically we provide training in the following areas:

  • Preflight
  • Piloting
  • Post flight
  • Maintenance
  • Weather
  • Airspace regulations (based on FAA ground course)
  • ...and whatever else you want to know!