Systems Integration

Alright.....I have a bird, I was either so awesome that I figured it out for myself, or you guys helped me pick one out and learn to fly. Now I want to put cool stuff on it!

Awesome, we want you to put cool stuff on it too! In fact, putting cool stuff on it is usually why most people want to get it up in the air in the first place!

It's usually alot more than just sticking on cameras, or duct taping extra batteries....well....more often than not anyway...

We can help guide you through the myriad types of payloads that are now available. Alot of platforms are designed specifically for certain payloads. Sometimes you can modify it, and sometimes you're actually better off sticking to the main design.

Not just payloads either! There are now a whole host of accessories you can work into your bird. You want to know where it is at all times? No problem. You want to make it fly longer? Why not. You want glow sticks, horns and gadgets?! Of course!
All kidding aside, there exist a whole host of product lines of off-the-shelf solutions for all kinds of advanced technologies integration. Navigation lights, navigation modules, battery booster packs, network interfaces, power back-up systems, back-up command and control, and any other subsystem you can think of.

But what about what you see? You want to see what it would be like to see where your bird is on an overlaid map displaying the entire world and track position in 3D REAL TIME FROM YOUR CAR OR PHONE? Child's play...sometimes literally,, we'll give it a shot ;). I'll even bet you have toyed with the idea of setting up a full on ground station with a number of monitors and interface devices showing every sort of data you could ever want. So have we....for fun and hobby ofcourse...easy Uncle Sam (we got your stuff to work didn't we)! Heads-up displays, transmitters, joysticks, phone mounts, device interlinking, google glass or wearable devices (sure why not), whatever it is, we will do all we can to make your system work with just about any device you might want to try. It's no fun unless  you try, and we want to be right by your side when you do...well, maybe a little behind and off to the side ;) Unless of course you want help! (see the training stuff) We can do that too.

Systems Integration Services include such things as:

  • Payload Integration
  • Flight sub-systems integration
  • Telemetry and Metadata support
  • Ground Station integration and support
  • ...and once again, whatever else you want to put on it, stick to it, see through it, fly it by, not fly it by, or whatever, we can help make it happen