I've bought a what?

The drone works will help you get the most out of whatever platform you have chosen, or even help you choose one ideal for your needs. We can also assist with basic setups, avoid common mistakes and misapplication, suggest optimal configurations and payloads along with systems integration support and implementation. Understanding what works best in what situations, what options are available, how much is too much or not enough can be daunting, we are here to help navigate you through the exciting world of unmanned systems development and see where they can be of use, and how, for your operation.

What about payloads and accessories? Are they hard to fly? Will I spend all of my time just getting the thing in the air?

The drone works offers basic training and support through tutorial videos, personal or virtual training (depending on location, budget and feasibility) in the areas of setup, piloting, systems upgrades, accessories and ancillary support equipment, video and stills capture, and anything else required to get the most out of your chosen application.

Not all systems are ideal for all things, and some custom solutions can end up costing four or five times the expected amount due to compatibility issues or simply needing to customize and "finish" the system so that it can achieve your intended purpose.

There are a host of off the shelf solutions already available that can suit your needs today, we can help you choose the right product for your needs.

Can't get things to quite work the way you want them to? Just have a pile of components you bought and don't have the time to make it all work?

Send us your rig today to get it kitted out and flying! If you purchased a bunch of components, or even bought a "turn key" solution that isn't so friendly, or even turn-able, no problem, just ship us your rig and we will finish it out for you! Don't trust us, well, don't ship it, call us and we can work it out via Skype or by phone.

Bringing your build to life!

The drone works uses "virtual" build techniques that seek to help make your imagination become reality with as little overhead as possible. By working with clients and collaborators using makerspace and techworks type facilities, we can reduce costs and focus on what really matters - SOLUTIONS THAT MEET YOUR NEEDS!